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Rob messenger, Independent member for Burnett, expresses his disgust at the public comments made by beth norton, manager of bundaberg base Hospital.

Bundaberg Base Hospital nurse whistleblower Christine Cameron first made disclosures about the conditions at Bundaberg Base Hospital in 2007.

In November 2009, the Queensland Health Ethical Standards Unit released an interim report in response to Christine Cameron's disclosures, but it is yet to produce a final report.

"It has just been a complete denial" Ms Cameron said.

Sunshine Coast - Wide Bay Health Service District northern cluster manager Beth Norton said Ms Cameron had made a number of "evocative" claims in recent years.

"The outcome of those investigations have all been communicated to (Ms Cameron), who has subsequently complained about the conduct of the CMC."

Ms Norton said the outcomes would be made public when investigations were complete.


At 10.04pm on Tuesday 26 October 2010, Rob Messenger spoke in the Queensland parliament about this situation :

"Bundaberg nurse whistleblower Christine Cameron has been waiting for 18 months for an official response from Queensland Health to her very serious allegations of patient harm as a result of possible misconduct by employees of Queensland Health.

I have spoken often in this place about her concerns and the extraordinary delay that the ESU has been responsible for.

Tonight I want to express my disgust at the public comments made by the manager of the Bundaberg Base Hospital, Beth Norton, in response to recent media stories about nurse whistleblower Christine Cameron. 

Ms Norton's recent comments are nothing more than an attempt to minimise the seriousness of Ms Cameron's allegations and to limit political damage.

There are unexplained deaths.

An elderly woman was tied to a chair.

A child was assaulted.

Patient's lives and their wellbeing were placed at risk.

Peter Leck and Darren Keating, Patel's bosses, would be proud of Norton's devotion to a political party's misinformation.

Click here to read Rob Messenger's speech in Hansard.

Nurse waiting for investigation, Lea Emery, News-Mail, 20 October 2010.

Ros bates, Member for Mudgeeraba, urges Queensland nurses to contact her to discuss pay, workplace bullying and intimidation issues.

25 August 2010

Ros Bates, the Member for Mudgeeraba, is a registered nurse.

Ros Bates has called on Gold Coast nurses to contact her office to discuss pay, bullying and intimidation issues.

Ros has been inundated with nurses complaining about their working conditions.

"Many nurses (are) so fed up they are in tears, desperate and happy to go public," said Ms Bates.

"The culture of gagging nurses and intimidating them into being scared to speak out publicly has got to stop."

Contact Ros Bates.

rOB mESSENGER, member for Burnett, Spoke in parliament in support of christine cameron and other queensland public service whistleblowers -

9 June 2010

Mr MESSENGER ( Burnett - Ind ) ( 9.06pm ):

I rise to make a very short contribution to the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill.

I have listened to the debate tonight and I have grave concerns about how well this bill is going to look after the workers who are applying for compensation.

I have fears about what this legislation may do to victims of accidents, and I have been concerned mainly with many workers who have come to me who have been emplyed by this state government, mainly healthcare workers.

When they come to me they normally are making whistleblowing public interest disclosures and are classified as whistleblowers and many of those people are undertaking workers compensation claims.

I have to say that these people are very brave individuals and they are risking everything.

They are risking their careers and they are risking their reputations to speak out about what they believe is the truth.

Often healthcare workers speak out because they have a genuine love for their patients and a commitment to provide good service for the people of Queensland and to protect the people of Queensland.

These people deserve to be protected, and they should always be protected by politicians as well.

What I have found though, unfortunately, is that many of these people are not being protected by the government, which is their employer.

Often the government is out to crush these people - to destroy these people mentally and physically.

That is why they then have to resort to launching legal action against the government using workers compensation to get a fair deal for themselves and for their families.

One lady who springs to mind who is going through a particular case now is Christine Cameron.

She made some whistleblowing claims early last year, and this very brave nurse whistleblower has been severely impacted upon.

She has been damaged in that as a nurse she cannot even bear to look at the site of the Bundaberg Base Hospital.

She now has to walk away from that profession because she cannot even go near the hospital.

That is the damage that has been caused to her.

I worry that, if this bill is passed by this place, as the minister says in his second reading speech, general damages, being damages for pain and suffering, will be capped at approximately $300,000.

In the case of Christine Cameron, $300,000 is not enough.

She deserves much, much more because she saved people's lives and her legacy will continue to save people's lives.

It was because of Christine Cameron speaking out that the Bundaberg Hospital's accident and emergency department had $6 million spent on it and administrative assistants were no longer triaging patients.

There has been a bit of a shake-up there.

There are seven independent reports going on at the moment now because of Christine Cameron's bravery.

We are still waiting for a final report to come back from this government.

That report - surprise, surprise - is being written by the area manager.

It is absolutely crazy that this sort of report can be written by the department which the complaint was made against.

In that regard the CMC has abrogated its duty.

We referred the allegations to the CMC.

The CMC referred them to the ethical standards unit and then somehow the ethical standards unit gave the job of writing the report to the area manager.

That is another matter.

But that is the sort of damage, that is the sort of hypocracy that goes on within this government and the way in which it treats its employees.

This government is not looking after its employees.

I am not referring only to the health department.

If members go to any department they will find people who have spoken out, but have been identified and crushed.

When it comes to looking after its workers, this government has a sad legacy.

That is why there are many claims on the workers compensation system.

That is why the workers compensation system was being inundated with claims. ...

Rob Messenger also spoke in support of Queensland nurse toni hoffman -

9 July 2010


My question without notice is to the Deputy Premier and Minister for Health.

I refer the Deputy Premier to recent correspondence that I have had with him regarding Australian of the Year award winner and nurse Toni Hoffman who says that since the Bundaberg health crisis she has not had a decent holiday or break because she has had to use all her official Queensland Health leave entitlements preparing for Royal Commissions, giving evidence to the royal commission and preparing for criminal trials or giving evidence to criminal trials.

Can the Deputy Premier please explain whether it is fair, moral or ethical that this government has treated a valued employee and inspirational Queenslander in this shabby manner?


... I will find out what the rules are in relation to public servants giving evidence and the extent of leave that is available for them to do that. ...

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